tra la la la

two dreams

i believe i cast a shadow.
when my eyes are blurred
and unsure
of the shapes in the light
i know what shapes
are in the dark.
i dreamed of floating pollen
but i told you
i dreamed of a rosebush
the way that the thorns felt
against my arms
and the motionlessness
of the soil,
i never told you
how the air smelled of gold
how i collected
a handful of it in my pocket
to bring home to you.

new video for Bright To Be True , by Motion Pikczer. song from the album Until by Lotte Kestner

i got to sing behind this gentleman in the Silver Sisters Choir. new music from Damien Jurado


i think that the last 

tinted leaves have fallen

turned to whatever they turn to

when they touch the ground

little pieces on the steps

but i don’t know

where the color went.

it isn’t the sun that i want

when you are away

but the sound of rain

to listen to something

touching something

all night.

there is a point

in the evening

when everything sleeps

except for the cars 

and the electricity.

as though our bodies

are not things that move

and like our houses

do not creak.

gentle spinning record

with a sleeping needle. 

the dark will always come

and i will always dream of you.