Lotte Kestner w/ Montavilla, China 2014

8.8 Beijing
8.9 Shanghai :
8.10 Nanjing :
8.12 Chongqing:
8.14 Chengdu :
8.15 Wuhan :
8.16 Changsha:
8.17 Guangzhou :
8.19 Shenzhen :



i do not wish for things
i don’t have,
i only wish
to be free of things
that are there.
the electrodes
at my temples,
the nerves
that in storms
have worn bare,
the burns that you can see
and the burns that you cannot see
because they live
inside my arms.
the memory of something sweet
when something sweet
is absent,
and is only a fluttering curtain
above my head.
you do not realize
how many things
you have to do over and over
until it hurts.
the night plays the saddest part
of the symphony,
and vines grow
around my window.
i probably
whispered terrible things
to the quiet shadows.
and in the morning
my broken spirit was unbroken again.

download the (free) Lively app for your ipad or phone and watch the (free) video of our performance last friday. here is a clip.


i have broken on this same beach
stood and wilted in this doorway
to slip back on the bandage
and there is something wicked
in this,
these backward steps.
the only grooves
that i welcome
are the tracks toward you
the soft of your shirt
the angle of your elbow
as you protect me from the dark
how your face
challenges the shadows
how you make me want to heal
like a polished stone.

if every night
i find the time
to watch the sun drop
like a willow limb on fire
to the still line
of water or land
made out to be the horizon
will time slow then
will time bend
a dancer’s back
all muscle against my hands
safe then
to sleep and dream
and make things there
that will never be


the city wears a veil
as i drive toward
soft white like
the buildings
are within
light bulb skin
with the bending grace
of something on a stem
and there are no clear lines
but i’m filling them in
this soft world
and the way that the
weather is tapping
the rhythm of the rain
and the tires
and the wipers
and on the radio
someone singing
today you are white
and soft
like i have leaned down
to kiss you sleeping